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Create appointments in a few seconds.

- Schedule client appointments with ease using our intuitive calendar and integrated personal appointments feature.

- Synchronize your scheduler with Google Calendar to ensure you never miss an appointment.

- Effortless scheduling with recurring appointments.

- Ability to display appointments by practitioner with a convenient column layout for each practitioner per day.

- Room management for efficient resource allocation.

Online Booking

Let your clients decide when they want to book appointments with our intuitive online booking system.

- Easily book appointments in just a few clicks.

- Fully customize the booking process to match your practice's requirements.

- Seamlessly add an online booking widget to your website.

- Create availability groups for different appointment types.

- Allow clients to select a specific practitioner or time slot.

- Manage time zones effortlessly with our intelligent timezone management system.

- Option to cluster appointments (clients can only book around existing appointments).

Online Appointments

Connect with your clients around the world and provide real-time treatment.

- One-click access on your browser, no download.

- Easy access from computers, phones or tablets.

- Ability to generate session notes using artificial intelligence.

- Generate automated links based on appointment types.

- Ability to record sessions and save them directly into the client's file.

- Screen sharing, waiting room and messaging are available as well as many add-ons.


Create custom intake forms in a few clicks to collect client information.

- Create custom forms from scratch or upload existing PDF or Word documents.

- Select form templates from Colib's form library to add to your collection.

- Automatically send forms to clients via email.

- Create client records based on completed forms and receive notifications.

- Electronic signature and counter-signature capabilities are available.

Billing & Payments

Our platform offers a simple, flexible payment system, including storing customer's cards on their profile, sending invoices with payment links, and providing receipts within Colib.

- Create customized invoices and receipts with a single click and email them directly to clients.

- Effortlessly include products or additional billing items as needed during invoice creation.

- Securely store customer credit/debit card information on their profiles for faster payment processing.

- Require credit/debit card information for online bookings and charge your clients after their appointment.

- Easily export invoices to QuickBooks.

Client Files

Stay organized and keep records of all your clients' information.

- Access a crystal-clear client page with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

- Add custom fields to your client pages to match your business requirements.

- Use note templates to structure your text.

- Import your client records (client info, appointments & notes) from your old software directly to Colib with our batch upload feature.

- Define relationships between your clients for easier couple or family therapy management.

- Streamline session note-taking with our speech recognition tool.

- Store documents such as images and PDFs for each client.

- Group clients for easier communication within families or groups.

- Use sketch drawing with templates when needed.


Reduce no-shows, provide precise instructions, and maintain professionalism with automated and customizable notifications.

- Clients can choose their communication preferences (email and/or SMS).

- Tailor communication language to match clients' preferences.

- Send confirmation notifications when appointments are booked.

- Send reminders 24 or 48 hours before appointments to request confirmation.

- Follow up with clients after appointments to collect feedback.

- Send recalls to clients who have not booked appointments for a certain time.

Client Portal

Colib provides a separate web platform to help your clients manage their appointments and invoices.

- Clients can see, book, modify and cancel appointments from their portal.

- Invoices can be viewed, downloaded and paid from this platform.

- Save time and find peace of mind by securely sharing documents and notes with your clients via the client portal.

- If clients choose not to create a portal, they can still manage their appointments via the SMS & emails they receive only.


Colib is accessible everywhere from any device, at any time.

- Same features on every type of device.

- All you need is an internet connection.

Additional Features

- Security : Enjoy PIPEDA-compliant, encrypted data storage in Canada.

- Compliance : Colib's security features protect your data at every level and meet your PHIPA, PIPEDA, LPRPSP, PIPA and 'La loi 25' (Québec) requirements.

- Bilingualism : The only fully bilingual platform in Canada, letting clients choose French or English.

- Advanced Analytics : Gain insights into your practice for informed decision-making.

- Inventory Management : Effortlessly track and manage product stock in real-time.

- Gift Certificates : Streamline gift certificate management, enhancing client satisfaction.

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