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Health Declaration Form- Covid-19 - Harbour Air Seaplanes

Departure Location *

I agree to notify Harbour Air by email at of any change in status, including diagnosis with COVID-19 and/or requirement to quarantine fourteen (14) days before, or within ten (10) days following a Harbour Air flight.

If required, I consent to my contact information to be provided to the Provincial Health Officer to assist in trace tracking.

I will wear a mask over my nose and mouth at all times aboard the aircraft. Non-compliance, and/or providing a false or misleading answer on this Health Declaration could result in a maximum fine of $5,000 issued by Transport Canada.

I will take all reasonable steps to social distance and sanitize my hands prior to and after my flight.

I will consent to having my temperature taken prior to any flight on Harbour Air. The device to read temperature is a no touch thermometer. I understand and consent that my luggage will be sprayed and sanitized.

In signing below, I am an individual over the age of 18 of sound mind, knowingly, voluntarily, and freely agree to the terms of this binding Declaration.

I certify the information above is complete and accurate. I acknowledge that the information on this form will be kept securely stored and encrypted on Colib website, viewable by the organization I plan to visit.

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