Patient communications

You can automate many things that might have taken you a lot of time until today, especially communicating with your patients. Colib offers drastic time savings.

Appointment Types: New Patient Consultation, Follow-up visit, 30-minutes session, 60-minutes appointment, 15-minutes phone call... You name them! Different appointments have different purposes, and you can define, for each and every one of them:

  1. Customized appointment reminders, with relevant information.
  2. Online Forms attached so that patients can fill them out ahead of their appointment.
  3. Billing information, so that an invoice can be easily generated with the right $ amount and info.

Automated Reminders: Reduce no-shows with the right reminders!

  1. Creation Reminder: When you create an appointment, a message will go out to your patient soon after so that they have all the relevant information, and can check later in time. This is especially useful if the appointment is scheduled ahead of time, they know they have it, but can't remember when and where.
  2. Confirmation Reminder: By default, 24 hours before the appointment. Your patient receives this reminder so that they don't forget to come. On top of that, they can click on the "Confirm" button, and you'll know on the appointment card they have confirmed. That's a good opportunity to check in with them if you're unsure they're going to remember.

On your scheduler:

  1.  Click on any suitable time to add an appointment
  2. Select the patient
  3. Select an appointment type
  4. Save

It's that simple!


Once your account is created, you will be able to view your own form links.

Tip: Before even sending it, posting it on your website or social media can be a good idea if some of your visitors follow you!

To send the forms:

  1. Click on "Forms"
  2. Make sure "My Forms" is selected
  3. Copy your form link.
    From there, you can send the link to your visitors by email 📧 or Sms 📲.
  4. New Feature: You can also select "Send via email" and see below for more

If you want to send your forms directly from Colib via email, you can follow the next steps:

  1. Select the list of recipients
  2. Select the date and time of sending
  3. Prepare your email subject and content
  4. Send 📩

Feel free to display it on your website or social media if that's where you are in contact with your community as well.

You can see and sort all results in your Colib secured space.

  1. Mouse-over your profile name
  2. Click on "Results"
  3. Quickly detect if there is a risk detected
  4. Click on  to view a form as PDF - you can download or print it if you need.

You can also use filters and sort results by Visite date and time, or search a specific name in the search bar.

It is possible to set up a filter for each different location of a group.

For more details and specific set up, we recommend to contact us so we can make sure Colib works best for your own situation.

Send us an email at support@colib.io or use the contact form:



When you subscribe to Colib, you will be invited to fill out your credit card information via our secured payment platform - Stripe. It's very simple, then you will be billed for your plan every month.

You can also pay via Interac e-Transfer.